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A Comprehensive Program to Navigate “the change” with Confidence.  

Discover How to Navigate Menopause Effortlessly With Natural Remedies--based on your individual hormone challenges. 

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I'm Dr. Ginger Nash and I've helped women balance their hormones naturally for over 20 years. I’m super-charged to offer this program again. This time it's better than ever with what I have learned. I absolutely love working with women to help them transition through menopause with knowledge and confidence

Change can be scary, especially when we aren’t aware of what to expect! Despite the fact that over half the population will go through menopause, there is still a lack of open conversation about what is really going on.  

There is no need to fear! Menopause is not a disease. It is a natural life-stage that can be traversed beautifully if you have the right support along the way. As a naturopathic doctor and educator in women’s health for many years, I can tell you that there is still a lot of mystery around menopause but there are so many healthful ways to address the changes that will inevitably occur as we women age. It’s my firm belief that women can feel more at ease in their bodies, and their lives, than ever before. 

I have been working with women of all ages for the entire 20 years of my career in naturopathic medicine. I have supported thousands of women through the challenges of hormonal imbalance and trained many other health professionals through my work as an educator. Through both of these endeavors, I have come to understand just how much natural medicine has to offer that isn’t readily offered by traditional gynecology.  

In fact, the reason I decided to pursue naturopathic medicine as a career was because of my own “hormonal crisis” at age 24. This crisis led to major surgery and the loss of one of my ovaries. The night I was released from the hospital I had an epiphany that would change the direction of my life and lead me to naturopathic medical school. It's because of my own experiences with getting back to a natural rhythm in my body that I am so dedicated to helping as many women as I can find this wisdom within themselves.  

In health, Dr. Ginger Nash  

P.S. If you've ever felt you needed support around hormonal issues but were afraid to ask for it, this program should help you through. The idea is to help women sustain change in a meaningful way without self-criticism or self-blame. 

"Dr Nash's Natural Menopause Map is not for women experiencing menopause (even though I am); for me it was an overall health program specific to my female needs. That it helps during that transitional time in every woman's life is just another one of the many bonuses of this course. The 10-day cleanse gives you a jump-start to REAL self care... something every woman needs to better care for those we love". - Michelle 52yo

"I will be forever grateful to Dr. Nash for setting my hormones straight,at 53 years old I had suffered with severe menstrual cycle issues most of my life, severe cramps, clotting, general malaise. Within 2-4 months I noticed a tremendous difference following Dr. Nash's recommendations! I can now say that I'm well into menopause symptom-free! Like many women, I thought i just had to put up with it and suffer in silence! I had seen several NDs prior to Dr. Nash and was given recommendations such as take more Advil, magnesium, apply more heat to your abdomen...none of which helped! I even had one ND say to me, "it sucks to be a woman"! - Lynn 46yo

"The support you have provided to me is pivotal to my inner growth and wellness. My joints are so much better and my skin and nails have improved. And the best thing: I am anxiety-free! I still felt a connection that helped me on my path even after the program ended. I plan to go back and revisit the videos you so carefully created -which are packed with great information! " - Yvonne 48yo

Here's How It Works: 

1) Sign up, book your on-boarding call and find out when to do your DUTCH test: 

This is an hour-long 1-on-1 call with Dr. Nash so that she can take your history and together you can determine what your biggest hormone challenges are. We will discuss the comprehensive hormone testing (DUTCH) that is now part of the program as well. Individual recommendations will be made and you will learn what to focus on for the first part of the program. Once you sign up we will send you a link to book! 

2) Two additional appointments with Dr. Nash mid-way and at the end of the program (these can be done in-person if you are local)  

This is your chance to interact directly with Dr. Nash to review the worksheets you will complete after watching the video modules and get all your questions answered. Once your hormone tests are complete we will review the findings as well. Dr. Nash will likely ask additional questions and you may also recieve more personalized recommendations for your particular health issues if needed.  

3) 8 Video Teaching Modules:  

Module 1: Eating for Slimness and Sanity Module 2: What is my Lymphatic System and Why Should I Care? Module 3: The Most Important Nutrients For Hormonal Health Module 4: How to Relax the “Stress-Monster” Inside Us Module 5: Who are We and What do We Want? Working with Fear and Boundaries) Module 6: Four Life Stages & Two Big Transitions: Menopause is “Puberty in Reverse” Module 7: Movement for Mental Health, Muscle as Medicine Module 8: You in the Driver’s Seat: Putting it All Together and Creating a Roadmap 

During this program you will:  

  • Identify your individual hormone challenges: are they related to stress and insulin imbalance or around estrogen and progesterone imbalance? Or are your hormone challenges based in your diet and digestion?  
  • Learn what to eat to feel energized instead of depleted!  
  • Learn which nutrients and nutritional supplements are the most important for addressing your biggest issues. 
  • Reduce inflammation, address aches and pains, clear out toxins during three 10-day cleanses throughout the next year. You’ll identify your biggest food triggers and be amazed at the results you’ll find with these food-based, individualized programs.  
  • Discover areas where you can let go, see the big picture and set boundaries to help you create the life you want to live!  
  • Identify the right kind of movement and/or physical activity for you and why they are essential for mental health as much as physical health!  
  • Reflect on your life, what you’ve struggled with, what you’ve learned and put yourself in the driver’s seat to determine what comes next!  

PLUS You'll Receive the Following Special Bonuses:  

BONUS #1: THREE 10- Day Guided Seasonal Cleanses Based on Your Blood Type 

My cleanses are always focused on my main area of specialty, hormone balance, but ALSO you must know your blood type for the dietary recommendations! 

  • participation in my popular 10-day cleanses 3x per year 
  • January KICK OFF 
  • liver cleanse in April 
  • lung cleanse in September 

BONUS #2: Essential Oils Booklet 

Dr. Nash’s recommendations to address women’s health issues with essential oils. 

BONUS #3: Pelvic & Lymphatic Movement Practice 

 30 minute yoga practice addressing pelvic and lymphatic health for women specifically with certified pelvic health yoga teacher  

BONUS #4: Feminology: The Art and Science of Female Hormones 

Community Support through Lifetime access to my 2 Facebook groups 

  • The Natural Menopause Map 
  • Feminology  

"The time has come for honest conversation about women’s lived experiences in their female bodies. Moreover, there is a lack of scientific information presented to women when faced with making choices about issues central to their health and well-being. My expertise is in the world of natural medicine and the myriad ways of supporting, rather than suppressing, the rhythms of women’s bodies". - Dr. Ginger Nash  

Stay tuned for our next cleanse! Here's a summary of everything you'll receive:

1) Eight Teaching Modules (Value: $1200)

2) DUTCH Complete test: comprehensive hormone testing (Value $400)

 3) Three 1-on-1 appointments with Dr. Nash (Value: $650)

4) Three Seasonal Cleanses (Value: $150

PLUS You’ll Also Get the Following Bonuses:  

BONUS #1: (Value $50) 40 min pelvic-health yoga instruction  

BONUS #2: (Value $50) feminology field guide to essential oils for women's health

(total value $2500)

Program registration is only open for a limited time. Please contact us if you have questions: office@gingernash.com  

Investment is $997.00 - or- 3 payments of $397/mo

Special Launch Price

1 Payment of $997.00 + ($29.21 Processing Fee) 

Special Launch Price

3 Payments of $397/mo

$997 + (Paypal Processing Fee)
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Payment Plan
Amount at checkout $397.00 USD

"I had a massive response to the dietary changes you made for me, and it was truly life-changing. Around day 3-4 of your recommendations my asthma and allergies started to clear up. Then by day 6-7 it felt like my whole body became less inflamed. From day 7-10, I felt better than I had in years! No asthma, allergies, no hot flashes. My head felt clear, I had tons of energy. Thank you!" - Laura 44yo 

More Specifics:

Module 1

Individual Eating Plans Sexiness & Sanity 

  • the importance of healthy eliminations before detoxing the body 
  • there is no “one-size-fits-all” diet
  • learn why your blood type plays a key role in determining what you should eat
  • you don’t have to be perfect to get great results! 

Module 2

What is my Lymphatic System and Why Should I Care?

  • what is your lymph system and what does it do?  
  • lymphatic health is essential for aging healthfully because you can’t eliminate toxins without it flowing!  
  • the good news: there’s lots of ways to keep the lymph moving and doing it’s essential jobs.  

Module 3

The Most Important Nutrients For Hormonal Health

  • how menopause became a “disease” and how the only “cure” was to use hormone-replacement therapy 
  • what are the key reasons women do need particular nutrients at the peri-menopausal transition?  
  • understanding metabolic changes and weight gain and what to do about them  

Module 4

How to Relax the “Stress-Monster” Inside Us 

  • women are natural multi-taskers because we have so much to do!  
  • each of us have had particular reasons to develop the need for navigating the complexities of life
  • what areas of our lives can we find a healthy disconnect from a state of habitual “over-controlling?”  

Module 5

Who are We & What We Want: Working w/ Fear and Boundaries

  • the “change” of menopause can bring fear up around our identities as women  
  • perfectionism is a big block to living life without fear  
  • the importance of creating some moments of deep rest, not doing, just being  

Module 6  

Four Life Stages & Two Big Transitions: “Puberty in Reverse”  

  • how menopause became a “disease” and how the only “cure” was to use hormone-replacement therapy 
  • what are the key reasons women do need particular nutrients at the peri-menopausal transition?  
  • understand metabolic changes and weight gain and what to do about them estrogen imbalances and the need for stress recovery  

Module 7

Movement for Mental Health, Muscle as Medicine

  • learn what type of exercise is most stress-reducing for you?  
  • what movement does for your brain
  • learn how building muscle at peri-menopause is anti-aging  

Module 8

You in the Driver’s Seat: Putting it All Together & Creating a Roadmap  

  • review module covering the arc of what we’ve learned about our bodies and ourselves 
  • creativity exercise: the big map! worksheet aimed toward 
  • creating a different way of feeling toward this process of menopause and defining what you want  

4 Special Bonuses:

Amazing Bonus Package  

1) 30 minute yoga practice addressing pelvic and lymphatic health for women specifically  

2) 3 seasonal cleanses with Dr. Nash  

3) Downloadable PDF of Dr. Nash’s recommendations to address women’s health issues with essential oils. 

“While I know that we truly need community to thrive, I was unaware of how little my community really talked about peri-menopause and menopause until I joined Dr. Ginger Nash’s online Menopause Map course. The information provided was both deep and digestible. I made many changes during this course but perhaps the most important was my attitude toward this very natural life transition.  

Do I still get night sweats? Sometimes! But they are so much less bothersome now. That alone, was worth the investment in time and money! -Ellen 49yo 

 Meet Your Guide 

Dr. Nash graduated from The National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1998 and in her 20 years of clinical practice has worked with thousands of women on natural hormonal balance without the use of hormone-replacement. Complex homeopathy, herbal medicine and nutrigenomics are the therapeutic cornerstones of her practice. 

Dr. Nash taught at the University of Bridgeport's College of Naturopathic Medicine clinic for six years and has taught seminars for other healthcare professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada for over a dozen years. She is a sought-after speaker and has recently launched a movement called “feminology: the art and science of female hormones” with her colleague Dr. Tara Nayak. These doctors interweave the scientific knowledge behind natural medicine and the art of helping women heal.  

 "My mission is to help women better understand themselves and the working of their bodies, especially the subtle orchestra of our hormones". -Dr. Nash 

Investment is $997.00 - or - 3 payments of $397/mo. 

Special Launch Price

1 Payment of $997.00

Special Launch Price

3 Payments of $397/mo

$997 + (Paypal Processing Fee)
Payment Plan
Amount at checkout $397.00 USD

"I guarantee by the end of this program you will know yourself better. You should feel a sense of being "at home" in your body, aware of the nourishment it needs and how the peri/menopausal stages of life can be fulfilling instead of fearsome!"